17, Feb 2020
Chivas Viejas vs Atleti: Which Club Is Better

How do you decide which club is better for you? There are pros and cons to each. In this article, we’ll take a look at the biggest differences between Chivas Viejas and Atleti. If you’re looking for a top-tier Mexican league side with world-class players, Chivas Viejas is the club for you. The team has been in Liga MX since 1997 and has won six league titles and four Copa MX championships. Chivas also reached the final of the CONCACAF Champions League twice and finished second in 2010. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a football powerhouse that can compete with the best in Europe, Atleti is your go-to choice. The side was formed in 1902 and has played in La Liga, La Liga II, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League and World Cup Winners’ Cup. They have also lifted the Spanish Super Cup three times.

Who Is Chivas Viejas.

Chivas Viejas is a professional soccer club based in Chivas, California. The team was founded on November 25, 1966, and played its first ever match in the Mexican Liga MX against Club America on December 3, 1966. Chivas played their first international game against Uruguay on October 1, 1970.

Chivas Viejas colors are green and white. The club crest features a green and white shield with the club’s name in red block letters. The colors are based on the colors of Mexico City’s soccer teams at the time of its foundation: Colo-Colo (green and white), Atlético de Madrid (red and blanco), Racing Santander (silver and black), Pachuca (pink and green) and Monterrey (creamy yellow).

Club Name and Symbol.

The name of Chivas Viejas is also symbolized by a green and white shield with a red C in the center. Theshield has two shamrock-shapedEmeralds surmounted by a blue football which represents the city of Chivas’ roots as an important center for football in Mexico City.

The logo for Chivas Viejas also features a green and white shield with an orange C in the center, similar to that of Atlético de Madrid’s badge. Additionally, both clubs use orange shorts during matches while other Mexican leagues clubs typically wear blue or black shorts.

There have been several changes to Chivas Viejas’ crest since its foundation, most notably the addition of two golden balls emblazoned with “Chivas” above each ball during the 2007–08 season; these balls were deemed an homage to former player Jorge Valdano who helped lead Chivas to victory over English side Manchester United in that year’s Copa del Rey Final.[5] Another change occurred during last season’s Liga MX championship campaign when goals from new signings Héctor Moreno (guitar) & Guillermo Barros Schelotto (drums) were reproduced onto old kits worn by players before their competitive matches; this was done as part of “El Tri’s” return to professionalism following years of financial difficulties.[6] As part of Club Deportivo Toluca’s 2011 merge into Liga MX,[7] all current non-Chivas players must identify themselves as Toluca players on social media platforms beginning February 2nd2011.

Club History.

Chivas Viejas has competed in some of the most important tournaments in Mexican football, including the 1968 Mexico Cup and 1986 World Cup Qualifiers. The club also reached the semifinals of the Inter-American Cup in 1974 and 1996. Chivas had its first major title drought during the 2006–07 season, but bounced back strong in 2007 under new head coach Jorge Valdano. Valdano’s team won their first Liga MX championship since 2004 and qualified for their first World Cup since 1990. They lost to Brazil in the Round of 16, but finished as runner-up to Atlético de Madrid in that year’s Copa America tournament.

Despite their impressive history, Chivas Viejas have never been able to win a trophy at home. In Liga MX, they have failed to win any championships outside of Mexico City; this includes both professional seasons and tournaments played outside of Mexico City (e.g., Copa América). However, during the 2006–07 season when Chivas Viejas were unable to win any games at home, they did manage to qualify for the Champions League by winning their place in Group G with Pachuca and Necaxa; this feat was one of only two clubs ever to do so in Liga MX history.

Which Club Is Better.

Atletico Madrid is a professional Spanish football club based in Madrid, Spain. The club was founded on 26 October 1902 and plays its home games at the Vicente Calderón Stadium. Chivas USA is an American football team based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. They play their home games at the Estadio Azteca.

Atletico Madrid has won seven Copas del Rey titles and three Liga titles while Chivas USA has only won one Copa America title and two Liga titles.

Which Club Is Better.

Chivas Viejas is considered to be the better club. In terms of success, Chivas Viejas has achieved more trophies than Atleti. They have won more Liga MX titles, Copa America tournaments, and Liga MX Cup titles than their opponents. Additionally, they have a longer history in La Liga, with their first professional season starting in 1903.

Chivas Viejas vs Atleti: Which Team Is More Successful?

In order to determine which team is more successful, it helps to look at some key statistics. These include league titles, cups, and championships won. Chivas Viejas has won more championships than Atleti- 11 in total- but this does not mean that they are necessarily better teams. In fact, some people may argue that Atletico Madrid is even better than Chivas because of their winning culture and recent successes.


Chivas Viejas is a Mexican football club, founded in 1902. They are the second most successful club in Mexican football, behind Atlético Madrid. Chivas have won more international titles than any other team, and have been the champion of the Mexican Primera División on six occasions.

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