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Despite the throngs of tourists, it’s hard not to feel drawn by the charms of Portofino. Click here for more information about Portafina with its many colourful fishing boats against a backdrop of houses in shades of yellow, pink and orange, I felt like I was walking through a gorgeous painting, albeit one with noisy tourists and designer boutiques. 🙂 With beautiful luxury villas dotting the hillsides surrounding the picturesque harbour, I can imagine why Portofino is a dream getaway for many. Set off with a mild climate and relaxed, friendly people, this little town is one of my favourite spots in the Italian Riviera.

There are various places of interest in the village such as the beautiful Castello Brown and the San Giorgio church. However, Portofino’s main attraction is its picturesque harbour. I spent many moments, sitting at the water’s edge, sipping wine and taking in the sights: the schools of fish in the crystal-clear water, the brightly-coloured boats floating on the glassy surface of the harbour, the charming houses, the boisterous locals, and the fascinating mix of camera-toting tourists and glitterati.

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