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In today’s world, because we are often too 外傭 involved in rat racing, we do not have enough time for seemingly down-to-earth details of life, such as housework. This is when we become more and more dependent on foreign maids in the household.

We must not ignore the way we handle home care. Have you seen a video where maids kick poor, helpless children as if they hate them with all their heart? We can pretend that none of this exists and hide the ugly truth, but it’s a harsh reality. Don’t know how to abuse a helpless child? The problem of child abuse is probably not only superficial.

Here are some tips on how to prevent child abuse in your family to avoid such unpleasant incidents:

Patience for cultural and linguistic differences. Remember that our domestic workers have very different backgrounds, as we do. Be patient and check them out with the standards here. Don’t be surprised if your maid can take the spitter over the sink! Try to stay calm and focused in all situations, even if you are irritated. Try to think from his point of view.

Communication. Communication is important in every way, so it is important that you are an understanding employer. Treat your co-worker sincerely, and if he returns it to you the same, she will share with you her fears and fears, and you, in turn, can offer her advice or help to solve some of her problems so she can ‘focus’ on the job. Lack of communication can lead to many problems, including pent-up frustration and anger.

Reasonable workload. These are not gears of machines, which we only charge work. After all, they’re human too. Find out how much work your assistant can do daily, and give him a little rest during breaks. Discover its strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

Adoption. Aside from the money, keep in mind that in the end, she cares about your family, not hers. Her motivation comes from the fact that she serves a family that treats her well and accepts her like any of them. Take it to the grocery store in the supermarket and secure it. Take the opportunity to teach him the local culture and gastronomy. The most important thing is that it is best to maintain a good relationship with her in order to strengthen understanding and trust.

Rest for a balance between professional and personal life. Give the maid one day off a week for rest. Leave her for a day to get her to go about her business without overloading her with the hustle and bustle of everyday affairs. If you’re worried she’s going to go with the wrong company, you might want to take her on family trips on weekends.

Set the basic rules. Set the rules, which you expect she will stick to, telling her what you can and can’t do in your home. Remember that you control the basic rules without abusing your powers.

Agreement. Beware if your maid seems a little unusual compared to yourself. Maybe she’s sick or in trouble. Provide the necessary support, for example, by seeking medical help or advice.

Anger management. Restrained emotions can cause extreme anger. Poor control over your emotions can lead to abuse of the maid, whether emotional or physical. If you or a family member has a problem with constructive anger management, seek help before it gets out of hand. Don’t try to pin the maid against the wall, even if she pushes you against the wall!

Be careful. Keep an eye on minor changes in your assistant or child, such as physical injuries. Listen to what your child or relative in your family says about your assistant instead of deleting it. Sometimes small problems can develop into big ones. Take preventive measures if you notice that something is wrong.
I hope these tips on preventing child abuse will help make life with your family more enjoyable. It is often so easy to forget what we take for granted in our lives.

There is no free labour force. Although Filipino aides rarely talk about what they want, they usually appreciate it and work with a generous employer. Most of them have high hopes for Filipino pensioners, foreigners and Balikbayans (Filipino returnees) who are often considered rich. Here’s what the compensation package usually includes:

Monthly payment. The amount you specify is a clear number without deductions. About 99% of Filipino aides love their salary: cash and no deductions. After consulting with the maid, you can withhold contributions to Phil’s health and social security. You also need to take care of paperwork in such cases.

Maintaining health. With a few exceptions, Filipino aides don’t really care about health insurance. They expect you to take care of these issues, including the cost of medicines and the hospital. However, a shy girl usually does not want to report her health problems (allergy, toothache, back pain, abdominal pain) because she worries that you will not be able to replace her with a healthier employee.

The case. Filipino assistants usually stay in the same house as their employer. A folding bed with bedding and mosquito netting is usually enough in middle-class homes, where the living room or kitchen becomes a great success. If you live in a luxury home, you can follow what most upper-class families do: make room for their assistants.

Food. By employment we mean three main meals and snacks. Despite the strong feeling of hunger, helpers are used to eating only after you have finished eating. So don’t forget to eat on time or give clear instructions to your maid. In Philippine culture, it is considered disrespectful when subordinates share their master’s table.

Rest days and public holidays. Sunday is a great time for many visitors to the park after Mass. Many also make purchases – at their own expense. During the annual leave, the employer usually pays for the transport for the maid in both directions. Holidays can only last a weekend or a whole week and are often assigned to the following occasions: Holy Week, All Saints’ Day or your maid’s city holiday.

Where you feel generous and want to reward your maid for a job well done, you can also give gifts. Outside of the Christmas holidays, make sure you don’t regularly give out free gifts, as Filipino helpers can expect them to be part of the basic package.